Bring a world music expert, Dr. Deborah Brener, into your classroom or studio!  This program is completely done for you and aligned with the national standards.  It is easy for music or non-music teachers to use; no experience in world music needed.

African Map Question
How Drums Talk
Kye Kye Kule Music


This program teaches world music, culture, people, places, and geography.


Slides include text, photos, videos, music, crafts, games and puzzles.

Easy to Use

Simply open and follow along!  Written by an expert, this program is completely done for you!


Passports and music (color-coded boomwhackers, rhythm and vocal) are all reproducible.


Are We There Yet? A Musical Journey Around the Globe® is a unique multimedia, interdisciplinary program to teach students about world music, instruments, culture, people, and geography through colorful slides, text, photos, videos, music, instrument crafts, games, and puzzles.  Customize classes by choosing slides and activities to fit YOUR schedule.  We recommend 3-4 hours of class time per country.  Students learn:

  • Characteristics of each county’s music and why it is important to their culture.
  • 3 Native folk songs per country (vocal, color-coded Boomwhackers, rhythm instruments, & piano parts), complete your ensemble with accompaniment tracks.
  • National Anthem
  • People, Places, Geography
  • Instruments
  • Make your own instruments from household items such as wrapping paper tubes & shoe boxes.
  • Create an impressive multimedia concert by adding the accompaniment slideshow, showcasing photos from the curriculum.
  • Additional writing activities & puzzles are available in their Passport to Fun (reproducible).


West Africa

Highlights include Africa Map, Flag, Sahara/Sub-Sahara Region,  Kakum Nat’l Park, Victoria Falls, Ashanti, Music Across Africa, Polyrhythms, Call and Response, Syncopation, Talking Drum.
Songs: Kye Kye Kule, Sansa Kroma and Everybody Loves Saturday Night


Highlights include Australia Map, Flag, National Anthem, Great Barrier Reef,  The Outback, James Cook, Sydney Opera House, Uluru, Aborigines, Dreamtime, The Rainforest Didgeridoo, Kookaburra.  Songs: Waltzing Matilda, Botany Bay, G’Day


Highlights include Canada Map, Flag, Canada Day, National Anthem, Banff National Park, Royal Canadian Musical Ride, Sea Shanties, Lumberjack Music, Voyageurs, Inuits, The Fiddle, Harmonica, Jaw’s Harp, Songs: Lukey’s Boat, Alouette, The Wind Blows High

South Korea

Highlights include South Korea Map, Flag, National Anthem, Seoul, Changdeok Palace, Hwaseong Fortress, National Treasures, Seoraksan National Park, Confucianism, Tae Kwon Do, Harvest Festival, Korean Temple Instruments, Zither, Haegeum, Daegeum Pungmul, Sanjo.  Songs: Ong Tal Sam, Arirang, Pan Tal


Highlights include Thailand Map, Flag, National Anthem, Monsoon Season, Loy Krathong, Rii Rii Khao Saan, Industry, Tourism, Grand Palace, Floating Markets, Street Vendors, Chieng Mai, Flower Crops, Blind Musicians, Taphon, Piphat, Royal Court Music, Khon. Songs: Klai Khao Pai Ik Nid, Pleeng Chaang, Loy Krathong

United States

Highlights include USA Map, Flag, National Anthem, Apollo Theatre, Carnegie Hall/Radio City Music Hall, Broadway, New Orleans Jazz, Dixieland, Hollywood Bowl, Classical Music in Movies, Native American Instruments. Songs:  When the Saints Go Marching In, Inkpataya, Give My Regards to Broadway