Getting Started


Log into

Please note: Students do not log in to the site.  A game code will connect your game with your students.

Click on Play Games. Choose a game and level and select calling cards.

A code will be displayed on your teacher screen.  Give this game code to your students.  Write down this code in case a student has an issue with connection and needs to re-join the game.

When the game is over, click on “exit” at the top left of the page to return to the home page.


Go to   (DO NOT LOG IN)

Click on Play Games, then choose the game and level as directed by your teacher.  Enter the game code.

A game board will appear.  Students may choose a different game board by pressing the New Board on the bottom of the screen.

Distance Learning Tips

If playing games for distance learning online, students will need two tech devices.

  • Join Zoom (or the platform of your choice) on one device.
  • Open a game board on your second device.

While any tech device will work, we do not recommend using a phone.  If you must use a phone as one device, it works best to use the phone for zoom and the larger screen (tablet or computer) for the game board.